Blister Block Hiking Socks

Blister Block Hiking Socks


Fiber: 30% alpaca + 60% Merino & Corriedale Wool + 10% spandex

With fiber sourced from Happy Goat Lucky Ewe, as well as alpaca from our friends in the Lansing area, these comfy socks are a must-have accessory all year round! The alpaca and Merino wool make these socks soft to the skin, and they also get softer with each additional wash, while the Corriedale and spandex keep these socks hearty and long-lasting. These socks are 100% sourced, processed, machine knit, and dyed in the US.

Sizing guide, based on US shoe sizes

  • Small: Women’s 5-7.5, Men’s Youth-5

  • Medium: Women’s 8-10.5, Men’s 5.5-9

  • Large: Women’s 11-13, Men’s 8-10.5

  • X-Large: Men’s 11-13

Hand wash only, lay flat to dry.

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