100% Merino Yarn, Worsted

100% Merino Yarn, Worsted


This lovely yarn was on the backs of our girls, in the form of raw wool just six months ago. We sheared, skirted and delivered to Stonehedge Fiber Mill by April. Deb McDermot, fiber artist extraordinaire, worked her magic and finished processing before the holiday rush.

If you wish to visit the farm and have a private dye lesson, contact us. We have nice packages, you could make a weekend of it. Email: happygoatluckyewe@yahoo.com and put “Dye Party” in the subject line.

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100% Merino from our sheep: 200 yards, worsted weight, 2.8 ounces. Spun in East Jordan at Stonehedge Fiber Mill. A super soft yarn that offers wear-next-to-your-skin comfort. Contact us privately for custom dye requests ($5 per skein)