Four Bred, White Merino Ewes

Four Bred, White Merino Ewes


In late December or early January (makes an awesome Christmas Gift!) four bred, white merino ewes with a micron count between 21-24, (bred to our stud) will be available for purchase: $1,800. Lambing date is after April 15 each year (stud goes in with Ewes on November 15 (opening day of deer season).

This is an awesome way to jump start your flock. You have a 50% chance of having a ram lamb which you will be able to breed back to three of your four ewes. Fist year at least four lambs…Its exponential from there.

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Ewes must leave farm and be settled by January 15. Hauling more than 100 miles can cause stress that may impact fetuses. Ewes will have a “cover” date where insemination by a proven stud was noted, i.e ewe has crayon mark. Ultrasound confirmation can be ordered, buyer pays ultrasound fee. If ewes don’t produce a full-term lamb, you can arrange for a second breeding the next year within six weeks of loss. Please note: we are not responsible for how you manage your flock once it leaves our farm. Mineral salts, good hay, and water are mandatory for healthy lambs. Over feeding with grain can cause many problems including miscarriages (we can discuss).