Double Ribbed Merino Hat

Double Ribbed Merino Hat


This hat is made of Merino wool from our sheep. It is spun extra tight so the yarn does not break on the machine. As you wash and wear it, the hat will bloom and become softer. Please consider this an heirloom product, one you will take good care of and pass on to the next generation. I still have my father’s woolen gloves from 1942. You can do this!

The tag is faux leather. On the outside it says Michigan Merinos, the inside says, “handwash cold, dry flat.”

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This lovely natural color, off-white with brown hat had random ticking from some of the brown sheep, (picked up from shearing floor). It is made of merino wool from our farm. It’s extra thick with double ribbing inside and out.

We don’t use herbicides on the farm, so be aware the yarn includes some tiny pieces of veggie matter. In time, with easing and wearing it will dissipate.

grown in Mason, MI; processed into yarn at Zeilingers in Frankenmuth, MI; made into hat at Northland Woolens in MN.