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Shipping & Payment

Where & how do you ship?

We currently ship all over the US & Canada. If you live in another country, please email us and we will get back to you with a quote for shipping. We use USPS for our shipping, which comes with included tracking for your packages.

What payment methods do you accept online/in store?

We accept online payment through paypal, which supports most major credit cards. At our wool shop, we accept cash, checks, and cards through Square.

The Farm

Where is the farm located?

We are located in Mason, Michigan.

What types of animals do you have?

The majority of our sheep are Merino, but we also have CVM, romney, corriedale, and Bluefaced Leicester sheep on the farm, as well as our angora goats. In addition, the farm is home to chickens, dogs, and cats.

I heard shearing/wool hurts the animals, is this true?

No, this is definitely not true! Shearing the animals keeps them cool during the warm summer months, and they can develop a variety of health problems if they go unsheared for too long. While there are some places who do not adhere to the standards of care of their animals, we here at Happy Goat Lucky Ewe pride ourselves on taking the best care, especially when shearing, to make sure our animals are happy and healthy. Unfortunately this myth is pervasive, and you can read more about this issue here.