Four Ewes and a Ram Lamb Starter Flock

Four Ewes and a Ram Lamb Starter Flock


Interested in starting your own flock? We offer starter flocks of lambs in both Merino and Merino X breed options. If you're thinking about jumping into fiber production, we recommend the Merino breed, as there is a strong market for your fiber and the sale of the fiber easily feeds the livestock. Our stock is from Missouri and will compliment the local Michigan Merinos which more-than-likely trace their genetics back to the Green Field Village stock. We have starter packages which include four open, white merino ewes with a micron count between 21 -24, and a merino stud ($1,625).

Additionally, flock sales come with free mandatory consultation. You will visit the farm to help make your decision and also see the daily operation of maintaining a flock. As with our farm tours, we charge $40 for a two hour visit, which can be applied to the total purchase of the flock, should you choose to move forward. After your down-payment is received, we are happy to offer on-farm consultation and advise on operations and setup for your sheep. Your fencing, feed storage, feeding areas, watering systems and housing are all areas that need to be carefully considered. Keeping your livestock safe (from neighbors' dogs, coyotes, deer and parasites) is another area of concern. We are committed to making sure that the sheep we sell are going to continue to live happy and healthy lives, which allows them to produce such great wool humanely!

Please call or email us for the availability of the animals, as it varies with our breeding season. Additionally, please be aware that we do not provide transportation for the animals to your farm.

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Four open ewes with micron count above 21